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At Archer, we understand the complex lives business people lead and the high-level challenges that entrepreneurs often face. We also know that sound business and entrepreneurial management requires multiple levels of complementary expertise including legal counsel and business advice, so that your projects are properly developed.
To that end, our diverse and competent partners and team members can provide a broad range of legal and business consulting services.

We are a team
of legal litigators

We can analyze your case and represent you with conviction and rigor before the courts, when necessary and when no out-of-court agreement can be reached.

We are a team
of business advisors.

We also develop action plans that help you identify business opportunities. By initiating contact with potential clients, we can then follow through and work with them as their needs evolve. Working together, we can successfully negotiate and transform potential business opportunities into unique and concrete offers.
We work with you to develop both a legal
and a business strategy for your specific enterprise.

Our legal services

Administrative law (CSST, SAAQ, etc.)
Civil right
Contract law (construction)
Family and inheritance law
Insurance Law
Labor law
Law of Corporations
Municipal law
Real estate law

Our business consulting services

Acquisition and sale of business
Commercial negotiation
Development and writing of business plans
Development of new markets and opportunities Research
Optimizing profitability
Record keeping companies
Research and consolidation of funding